August 13, 2023

Watch-out for Azure STFP costs

Introduction I run backups for both my Kubernetes clusters and my Linux servers. Since I want offsite backups and have an Azure subscriptions I follow these approaches: my Kubernetes backup use a Minio proxy connected to an Azure storage account, with a container per cluster/app my Linux backup use(d) sftp to an Azure storage account with SFTP enabled, with a container per server Now what is the issue with this? Read more

July 30, 2023

K8s rook-ceph benchmark

Introduction I have been procastinating on this for a while, and did not post since march: shame on me! Since I just rebuilt my production cluster with proxmox/talos, I took the opportunity to run some storage benchmarks to compare rook-ceph’s performance between k8s running on proxmox and k8s running on raspberry pi (version 4 wit 8GB). Read more

March 19, 2023

Minikube with ingress controller on the mac

Introduction Update and install minikube make sure that you have the most up-to-date version installed: minikube update-check. At the time of writing it’s v1.29.0 delete any previous minikube config: minikube delete install minikube in docker on the stable version: minikube start --driver=docker --kubernetes-version=v1.26.1. Note after the initial install you only need to run minikube start since the config is sticky check that minikube is up-and-running: kubectl get nodes The output should look like this: Read more

May 9, 2021

Microservices and observability

Introduction In the last months I have been dealing with Kubernetes based (micro)services that I could not change, either because they were off-the-shelf or because they had been externally developed. In terms of observability this is a challenge, especially when application metrics are only partially available. I could have opted for a service mesh, but implementing Istio for an application composed of 20 microservices seemed quite overkill, adding a lot of complexity and cognitive load. Read more

January 16, 2021

Apple Silicon, quo vadis?

Introduction Shame on me, I have not written anything for half a year! What if I had been asleep for half a year, woke-up and realized: well, so much time has passed, the arm macs are now mainstream, have full-support of native tools making developers more efficient, right? Admittedly, I am not speaking for all developers, but I never stated I was. My conclusion from the last post was: poor developers who work with Docker! Read more

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